Community Outcomes

These are the outcomes we aim to achieve through our work. They were developed in consultation with the community and we will be reviewing them this year.

Easy and safe to move around

There is a range of private and public transport options including walkways and cycleways. Our travel times are predictable and our transport network is well managed, safe and efficient.

A growing, resilient economy

We have more successful businesses and more jobs. Skilled people are attracted to our District to work, live, play, visit and invest. Our economy is vibrant and education and career opportunities match the region’s needs.

Clean, healthy and valued environment

As our District grows, our natural and created environment is protected, maintained and enhanced to reflect our Sense of Place, mauri and identity.

Our harbour, foreshore and waterways are clean and healthy.

Vibrant and healthy communities

Our communities are safe, we have a strong sense of identity and belonging. We value and enhance our culture by working together to make a difference.

Our District is full of life, activities and opportunities. Young people feel they belong, our leaders are nurtured and communities and Māori assist in shaping the direction of ‘our place’.

Well managed growth

The city centre provides a strong heart for our District; it is vibrant and attractive supporting the District’s growth. We have a variety of connected public spaces that enhance how we live. In our District existing settlements are consolidated and we ensure that new residential areas are sustainable. Our infrastructure is aligned to our growth and there is variety both in type, and location of housing.

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