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Parks & Recreation

Whangarei District has 20,720 hectares of open space, including forest, regenerating bush, wetlands and mangrove estuaries, coastal areas and esplanade reserves, rock walls, boat ramps and wharfs, city parks and street gardens, cemeteries, former quarries and landfills, areas reserved for water supply, waste treatment and other public utilities, sportsfields, playgrounds and pine forests.

The value of all these facilities, not even counting the land, comes to around $26.2 million.  Here is some of the work we have planned for the next few years. Have a look and tell us what you think is missing.


Maunu Park, Whangarei’s biggest cemetery, is planning to offer eco-burials in future. A family burial area is also on the cards, and the rose garden, pergola and office are all due for refurbishment.

Coastal structures

Over the coming years the parks and recreation team will continue to provide sea walls, boat ramps, pontoons, groynes, accessways and reserves around our beaches and waterways.

Neighbourhood and public gardens

New playgrounds and neighbourhood gardens are planned in the high-growth parts of the district, like Tikipunga and Kamo. Over the coming years land will be purchased for these.

Playgrounds and skateparks

Several locations have been identified for skateparks over the coming years including, Ngunguru, Tikipunga, Kamo, Waipu.

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