Here to Where Whangarei - Slide
Here to Where Whangarei - Slide


Whangarei City has 11 major stormwater catchments and there are 17 more catchments throughout the District’s towns and settlements.

Stormwater systems manage the rain that falls into these catchments and include pipes, manholes, sumps, open channels, drains and treatment systems that channel rainwater into rivers, streams and the harbour.

Our stormwater systems are worth about $184.4 million. As our population grows, more of the District is covered in hard surfaces like roads and roofs, and as the climate changes there is more rain and therefore more stormwater to manage. The aim is to direct the runoff effectively, minimise any impacts it might have on the environment, reduce flooding, and to prevent rainwater getting into our sewer system.

Over the next three years we will be developing the catchment management plans across the District and New stormwater systems will be built in at Teal Bay and in the Porowini Ave, Morningside area of the city.

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