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Cycleways, walkways and footpaths

We are planning to re-do our Walking and Cycling Strategy in consultation with you, and to apply for more funding from central government.

Our aim is to continue the work we have started on government subsidised Cycleways throughout urban Whangarei, and obtain government grants so that rural communities can develop cycleways.

We are also seeking ways to fund more footpaths in residential areas and around schools.

Car parking

There is still popular demand for a new multi-story car park.  We will be examining this option, and working out ways to encourage more efficient use of the carparks we currently have standing empty.

Connecting it all together

We are working on creating more seamless connections between the infrastructure (like roads and footpaths) we already have in our District with new facilities developers build in new subdivisions.

Seal extensions

No matter how much or how little we extend our sealed network along previously gravelled roads, there will always be a demand for more, so we have set up a new working party to examine our seal extension programme and the amount of funding we allocate to this.

Street lighting

New LED (light emitting diode) street lighting will be installed throughout our District in the coming years.  These lights will be solar powered and will save us $600,000 in power costs a year.  The government will be subsidising this work by $50%.


We have hundreds of bridges across streams, under and over roads throughout our District, and will continue our annual programme for strengthening and replacing them where necessary.

Road strengthening

With more traffic and (particularly along logging routes) much heavier traffic, many roads require strengthening work so they are safer and can stand the wear and tear better for longer, reducing maintenance and repair costs. We have a prioritised programme which we roll out each year.

Gravel road maintenance

Throughout the year we repair gravel roads throughout the District.

Sealed road maintenance and repairs

Throughout the year we maintain and repair sealed roads, and we have a programme for re-doing road surfaces as they get old and wear out.

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