Did you know that almost 80% of the District’s 87,000 people use water supplied by Council?

We have four water supply areas – Whangarei, Bream Bay, Maungakaramea and Mangapai.

Our population and industry are growing and annual water consumption is expected to increase from 7 million to around 8.2 million cubic metres a year by 2055.

A lot of our work in the water supply area over the next few years will be to ensure we can supply enough water, of the best quality, regardless of drought or climate change or increase in population.

The new Water Treatment plant at Whau Valley will be completed in 2020.

Water supply

We plan to upgrade the Water Treatment Plant on Cemetery Road that treats water from Maunu Springs and delivers it into the town water supply.

We plan to upgrade the telemetry systems that enable our water reservoirs to let us know how much water they contain, and when to pump more to them.

The Whau Valley Pumping station will be overhauled so it can pump much more water into the town supply and new security systems will be installed at our water treatment plants.

New Reservoirs

New water reservoirs are to be built in Dip Road, Maungakaramea, Sergeants Hill, Ruakaka, Waipu and Three Mile Bush Road.

New watermains

Trunk Watermains will be replaced in Onerahi (along Riverside Drive), Otaika Valley from the Water Treatment Plant on Cemetery Road to the city, and from the Poroti Water Treatment Plant to Cemetery Rd, Station Road, Vinegar Hill and Waipu to the Reservoir.

Rural water supply

We plan to develop new water tanker filling stations at the furthest reaches of the water supply so water tankers don’t have to travel so far (or for so long) to get the water to take to rural customers.

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