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Community-led projects

We need to keep the place nice and make it even better to live here

We are making sure we keep our District nice and even better to live in. We are seeking your feedback on increasing funding for our Community-led projects, which enable our communities to deliver improvements to benefit everyone.

A lot of our work is about providing the must-haves and the basics like safe roads, clean water, waste management, environmental and building regulation. But our ratepayers, residents and visitors expect more than the bare minimum.  Quality of life includes a sense of place and things to do.

To this end we provide sportsfields, playgrounds, walking and cycling, tracks and trails, community funding, great events and wonderful Libraries. We provide funding for museums, swimming pools, community events, halls and many other things the community enjoys. And we work with disabled, young and aging communities.

The Hatea Loop and developments on Pohe Island have been spectacularly successful examples of this kind of work.

In this plan, we have increased and prioritised funding in some areas to get some of this work done better and sooner.

Community-led projects

Over the past three years, we have funded village planning projects in Parua Bay, Otangarei, Hikurangi and Kamo – the community has given us lots of positive feedback about this work.

These community-led projects outline small initiatives to improve neighbourhoods. They range from feasibility studies and concept plans to playground improvements, walkways and street furniture. They can also be a catalyst for larger projects.

This plan expands the Community-led projects funding by a further $400k, per year which will help us, to help more communities develop their own facilities and enhance their suburbs. A further $400k has been proposed to expand the rural development component of that community-led work, to achieve greater reach across our District.

We received clear feedback through early engagement that community funding is important to you. Our preference is to fund these activities and continue to enhance our District as laid out in this plan, but we want to know whether or not you agree.

Our preferred option is option 2 below.

Expanding Community Funding

Every year we put about $4 million dollars of funding and assistance into the community to support facilities, services and events. This helps local community groups to provide local events and activities for their residents. In some cases, it also helps communities to get further subsidies, donations and grants from other organisations. You told us you want more of this too, so we have proposed an increase to this funding in the plan.

We are largely continuing with the projects consulted on in previous LTP’s. We would specifically like your feedback on increasing funding for Community-led projects, please tell us your views on this.

$ in the plan Impact on rates* and debt**
Option 1 Don’t increase funding for Community led projects $4.5 million The annual rates increase will be $7.05 less per ratepayer.
Option 2 Increase funding for Community led projects $4.5 million This option is currently included within the plan. Annual rates increase will be $7.05 more per ratepayer.

* The average impact on rates is based on a residential property with a land value of $170,000 and capital value of $380,000 and on the preferred rating option outlined in this plan – see page 24-25.

** As these activities are funded solely by rates there is no impact on debt from either option.

For more information take a look at the consultation document →

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