What’s changed?

This plan continues the path set in the Long Term Plan 2015-25. To accommodate things that have changed since that plan was developed, some new requests or additional funding for existing projects have now been proposed.

The following outlines our preferred option for these activities. This aligns with our Infrastructure Strategy and the financial parameters proposed in this plan.


New funding for Bus Shelters. This includes funding for renewals and new installations of bus shelters to support our local bus service. This project includes new bus shelters on existing and new bus routes.
New funding for amenity lighting which consists of unsubsidised streets lights that are generally not located on the road network.
Increased funding, with an NZTA subsidy for the construction of new walking and cycling tracks to implement the Whangarei District Walking and Cycling Strategy and to connect rural and coastal communities.
Additional funding for new seal on Council’s network of unsealed roads to address dust and safety issues (particularly on roads with high volumes of heavy traffic). Subsidy funding for this activity has not yet been approved by NZTA, but Council will continue to work with NZTA and Central Government to get additional subsidy funding to achieve more in this activity.


Additional funding is proposed for renewals of our stormwater network. This is to ensure there is appropriate funding available to properly maintain our assets, to reduce flooding and improve water quality.


The overall funding for wastewater has been reduced, as we are nearing the end of our upgrade programme.


Additional funding for the new Whau Valley water treatment plant for removal of taste and odour causing disinfection by-products.
New funding for the security upgrades at our water treatment plants and reservoir. All key sites will have electronic security access to control entry and reduce the potential for contamination, vandalism and health and safety issues.

Parks and Recreation

New funding to support a home for a soccer facility at Tikipunga. This will be the main soccer hub for our District.
Additional and consolidated Pohe Island, the Blue/Green Network and delivery of the Whangarei City Centre Plan.
New funding is proposed for sea walls. This includes additional resources across our District and specific funding of sea walls at One Tree Point.
New funding is proposed for land purchases for cemeteries and sport parks. Cemetery funding is focused on the purchase of land in Ruakaka. The sport parks funding is proposed to acquire land to develop a large sporting facility that can accommodate our growing sporting community and take pressure away from Kensington.

Community Development

Additional funding is proposed for our Community Development Framework, which will build upon the success of our Village Plan programme.

Support Services

Civic Centre – previously funding was approved to partially redevelop Forum North. This plan proposes increased funding and is seeking your feedback on some new options.
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