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Continuing focus on core assets

We have prioritised investment in our core infrastructure to ensure that we properly maintain and replace our roads and pipes.

We have some core jobs.  We provide roads and walking and cycleways so you can get around our District. We provide fresh water to drink, dispose of rubbish, stormwater and sewage. We also provide parks, libraries and community spaces.

We call all of the infrastructure that does this work ‘assets’. Some of our assets are quite new and some are getting a bit worn out. To keep services up to scratch, we need to continue investing in them.

Here’s a summary of the major projects we plan to fund over the next 10 years to make sure we keep our assets in good shape.

Sealed and unsealed road renewals: 2018-28

Throughout the year we maintain and repair roads and we have a programme for re-doing road surfaces as they get old and wear out. We are also proposing funding for seal extensions.

Stormwater: 2018-28

Collecting information on our aging infrastructure and renewing pipes as effectively as we can, is a focus area for our stormwater renewals and upgrades. Other major projects include: improving the stormwater system in Teal Bay, investigating the effects of flooding within our urban communities and developing catchment management plans for urban stormwater catchments.

Whau Valley treatment plant: 2018-20

The Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant was originally constructed in 1953 to supply fresh water to Whangarei’s urban area. It is very old now and it is no longer cost effective to renew or upgrade it. The plan is to replace the existing plant to meet growth pressures and to ensure that we continue to provide high quality safe drinking water for the city.

Asset data improvement: 2018-28

These projects give us a clear picture of the condition of the underground assets across our District. This information is then used to set priorities for maintaining and replacing assets. There is also funding to ensure that our asset management information system remains up to date and supported.

Sportsfield and neighbourhood parks and gardens renewals: 2018-28

We will continue to maintain our parks and recreation assets to ensure our spaces provide high quality recreation and leisure opportunities for our community and visitors.

Water reticulation programmed work: 2018-28

Proposed projects include additional reservoir capacity, trunkmain upgrades and renewal works to the reticulated system.

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