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Making it even better

A lot of our work is about providing the must-haves and the basics like safe roads, clean water, waste management, environmental and building regulation. But our ratepayers, residents and visitors expect more than the bare minimum.  Quality of life includes a sense of place and things to do.

We also provide sportsfields, playgrounds, walking and cycling, tracks and trails, community funding, great events and wonderful Libraries. We provide funding for museums, swimming pools, community events, halls and many other things the community enjoys. And we work with disabled, young and aging communities.

The Hatea Loop and developments on Pohe Island have been spectacularly successful examples of this kind of work.

Here’s a summary of the major community facilities and services projects for the next 10 years.

Blue / Green Network: 2018–26

Work implementing the Blue Green Network Strategy will begin, making better use of our waterways and green spaces across the city, as well as providing flood protection (dealing with stormwater) and improving biodiversity. Our Blue Green Network Strategy combines infrastructure, ecological restoration and urban design to bring our waterways and greenspace into the heart of the City. We think the development of the Blue Green Network will be good for the environment, people, the economy and that it will help with flood management. The strategy identifies the key waterways and paths of the network and the projects that will bring this network to life in the coming years. The full strategy is available on our website.

New theatre: 2021–22

Our existing venues have limited capacity.  Providing a larger venue would enable larger events to come here providing more things to do and benefits for our culture and economy. We plan to fund this through debt (over and above core debt) and external partnership funding.

Community led development: 2018–28

Working with our communities to deliver change through community led projects and community grants.

Whangarei City Centre Plan implementation: 2018–28

Funding is proposed to implement the Whangarei City Centre Plan bringing more activity and vibrancy to our city centre. The plan highlights areas for development and activities to support further investment.

Town Basin development: 2018–28

The improvements to the Town Basin and surrounds in recent years will be developed further. This includes physical improvements, events and projects such as Car Park to Park (converting parking space into a community park).

Pohe Island: 2019–25

Pohe Island provides a wonderful recreational space close to the city. Sensitive, planned development incorporating cycling facilities, play spaces, landscaping and car parking, is planned here to create a central recreational hub.

Walking and cycling infrastructure: 2018-28

Walking and cycling would continue to be funded by Council and central government subsidies.

Tracks and walkways: 2018-28

Tracks and walkways continue to be important to our community. We are proposing further funding to keep these up to scratch.

Toll Stadium light tower renewals: 2020-21

The lights need to be upgraded to ensure that they are up to standard for international events. Work will be undertaken on this in years three and four.

We received clear feedback that these spaces and projects are important to you. Our preference is to fund these activities and continue to enhance our District as laid out in this plan.

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